Latest news:

23rd June: Race entry deadlines approaching.
Racers return.
Anita flies.

22nd June: Attention in the Santa Pod pits.
Signing on at Festival of Power.
Festival of Power Perfect awards. to sponsor Melbourne Raceway.

21st June: No-prep Nationals results.
Mali returns to the track.
Retro Show affected by rain.
Supercharged Outlaws at Retro Show.
Web site updates.

19th June: No Prep 4 coverage.
Dragstalgia fire burnout roll call.

18th June: Event entry update.
Festival of Power preview.

17th June: No Prep 4 preview.
Spy picture solved.
Web site update.
Mosten Test & Tune.

16th June: Fueltech Nitrobike Showdown round 1.
Spy picture.
Swift snippets.
Gardermoen results, photos.

15th June: Dragstalgia entry looking good.
00Heaven championship car tracked down.
Clastres race coming up 19th-20th June.

14th June: Quick times at Hudik Raceway.
FHRA Motopark rained off.
Mälardalen Open 6 report.
Spy picture.

13th June: Crail Raceway hosts mag themed events.
JT out and about.
More Unusual car sales.

11th June: Spitfire Raceway re-opens.

10th June: Retro Show Lite preview, racer deadline.
JapShow gallery, shootouts update.

9th June: EDRS championship to start this weekend.
Swift snippets.

8th June: Demo vehicles required for this weekend at SPR.
Private test top times, gallery.

7th June: 2021 FIA Championship cancelled.
ACU Springspeed Nationals report.
Swift snippets.

6th June: Mälardalen Open 5 report.
Record broken in Hungary.
Photos, video from Hal Far Test Day.
Yam Yam Racing stream and commentary tomorrow.
Swift snippets.

4th June: Aad Möntemann.
JapShow Shootout at Jap Show Lite.
Taz Racing roll call.
Young photographer submits.

3rd June: Festival of Power deadline tomorrow.
Dragstalgia call to action.
No Prep prep.
Gasser Circus at VW Breakout.
Swift snippets.

2nd June: Breakout from Tight Fit.
Wild Bunch Spring Nationals report posted.
Speedfest slots available.
Gredzinski new book to focus on '80s.
Swift snippets.

1st June: M&Ms at Springspeed Nationals.
Post-Springspeed points posted.
VW Breakout racer snippets.

31st May: VW Breakout results.
What a tiring but utterly awesome weekend!
Supercharged Outlaws at VW Breakout.
Swift snippets.

27th May: Event entry update.
VW Breakout event preview.
Gasser Circus preview.
Sonic Attack's historic altered.
Polish season kicks off.

26th May: Outlaw Anglia VW Breakout preview.
Time Traveller video, report.
Snake Eyes returns.
Dave Rowlands' funeral tomorrow.
Tony Morris Carburetors and Rough Diamond Racing support OA.
Swift snippets.

25th May: Springspeed prize fund carried forward.
Hustler's weekend.
JT's V6 Pro Mod.
STP Springspeed Nationals racer notes.
Hulk MX5 makes competition debut.

24th May: STP Springspeed Nationals rained off.
A509 closed on 29th May.
New salt bike, new clothes.
Pioneers series 2 progressing.
Swift snippets.

21st May: Methanol now legal for SSB.
Melbourne opening event, appeal extended.
CW Motorsport's last-minute sponsorship.
Free Life in Spain.

20th May: SPR fuel supply.
STP Springspeed Nationals coverage.
Swift snippets.

19th May: STP Springspeed Nationals perfect awards.
Thanks from Crusher.
New OSCAR member.

18th May: Festival of Power entry list.
Rule changes.'s new menu.

17th May: STP Springspeed Nationals racer update.
RWYB gallery.
Matthew Dowdy Racing renews with Renegade.
Swift snippets.

16th May: Dave Rowlands tribute, funeral arrangements.
JT doubles up.
A trio of new builds.

15th May: Gerasimos Filippatos.
More RWYB coverage to come.
Swift snippets.

14th May: Dennis Priddle's funeral.
Kunmadaras welcomes spectators.

13th May: Tributes to Dave Rowlands.

12th May: SO Perfect Light Challenge.

11th May: Reymond's Top Doorslammer.
Time Travel updated.

10th May: Walton's Savoy build.
Geoff's new Lucas deal.

9th May: Saunders: Focus re-emerges.
EDRS calendar amended.

7th May: Dave Rowlands.
VW Breakout class entry closes next Friday.
Swift snippets.

6th May: Pro ET bash in July.
An Accidental Polymath.
Snake wins in Mexico.

5th May: VWDRC gallery, racer notes.
Dennis Priddle tributes.

3rd May: Saturday Night Special video.
Zerbst season begins.
Pioneer stories - Series 2.
Swift snippets.

2nd May: Saturday Night Special gallery, notes.

1st May: HOFtalk 11 published.
Nick's video feast.
Swedish Doorslammer Tour 2021.

30th April: STP Springspeed Nationals entry deadline.
Dakota race results, next date.
Stilwell's Bonneville plans coming together.
UK & European drag racing photos' milestone passed.

29th April: Planning for life after championship drag racing...
Blue Max goes to Sweden.
VWDRC White Labelled.
JT's something for the weekend.
Swift snippets.

28th April: Dennis Priddle.

27th April: SFI inspection at SPR.

26th April: M&M Racing's fine pedigree.

25th April: SFI day tomorrow.
Outlaw Street reaches milestones.

24th April: Springspeed Nationals deadline approaches.
Swift snippets.

23rd April: Fueltech Nitrobike Showdown 2021.
Vegas Hustler for sale.
Swift snippets.

22nd April: SPRC Springspeed Nationals update.
Video from private test day posted.

21st April: NitrOlympX cancelled again.
Petrolheadonism's SPR hire.
Swift snippets.

20th April: Private test results, gallery.
Dakota Raceway entry closes tonight.
Blackbushe programme appeal.

19th April: Jürgen Landvogt.
Pioneers' stories - Richard and Martin Jarman.
SPR private test today.

18th April: Don returns refreshed.
Swift snippets.

16th April: Springspeed Nationals entry exceeds 100.
VWDRC pre-season review.

15th April: Lucas renew with Stilwell.
Swift snippets.

14th April: Gasser Circus dates confirmed.
Introducing Maliboost.
Lindberg gets FC seat.
Swift snippets.

13th April: Dakota race on 24th is on!
Gilly Lowe funeral details.
Swift snippets.

12th April: Run What Ya Brung gallery, video.
Wild Bunch revise dates.
Pioneers' stories - John Smith.
Trakbytes updated.

10th April: Run What Ya Brung gallery.
Swift snippets.

9th April: SFI UK day 2021.
Motorsport UK requires team details.
Delayed start for FIA Championship.

8th April: Greenlight for class racing.
Trouble in store.
Swift Snippets.

7th April: SPRC entry list updated. Junior Drag Bike preview.

6th April: SPRC entry form addition.
Junior Dragsters for sale.

5th April: RWYB pit notes, gallery.
Pioneers' stories - Keith Stacey.

3rd April: RWYB coverage.
JT heads for 150.
Vampire at hill climb.

2nd April: Entry open for STP Springspeed Nationals.
Prize fund for Junior Drag Bike.
Firefighter Racing Juniors' new livery.
Jackson welcomes Lucas Oil back to Santa Pod.
Docol R8 Tube available in the UK.

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Lucas Oil, Cannon celebrate tenth anniversary.
No Prep 4 - more prize money.
Pioneers' stories
SPRC entry system update.
Feature: The history of UK Pro Modified.
Unusual Car Sales update.
FIA Technical Regulations updated.
Bartram bike on BBC.
Perfect and Photo Finish Awards renewed.
Dakota Raceway re-opens.
Flamholc's busy weekend(s).
Renegade Outlaw Anglia.
Purdie's SO.
The Black Pearl.
Sammy's last run.
UK Riders' & Drivers' Meeting report.
Benito to Pro Mod.
Nitro bike opportunity.
Flamholc trying out no-prep.
Oxford Builder resurrection.
Kågered retires.
Event coverage.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.