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Annie Wallace (Pro ET)
Latest news:

26th September: 2016 UK Champions.
UK National Finals results.

23rd September: FIM, Trakbak announce World Series.
Bloodlines: The end game.
Swift snippets.
2016 PDRC Champions.
A troublesome yet rewarding build.

22nd September: Event entry update.
2016 Allard award winners.
Swift snippets.
A return to Madness.
Delivering the Specialties.
UK National Finals coverage.

21st September: Erbacher aims for 2017 title.
Very welcome guests.
The sixty foot rocket.
Swift snippets.
A fruitful flying visit.

20th September: UK National Finals racer update.
Swift snippets.

19th September: Close to barking again.
UK Championship outcomes I.
SPR offer Two Seat discount.
What Havoc did next.
Swift snippets.
At once an end and beginning.
Ålund's 10 in 14.
2016 Russian Championships done.

18th September: National Finals Perfect Awards.

17th September: United against the Bombers.

16th September: Unveiling the Bloodwise Bombers.
Laura's two successful Finals.

15th September: More Finnish Champions.
Swift snippets.
Fuel Altereds for dinner.
Web site updates.

14th September: 2016 UK Tech Committee meeting.
Flame and Thunder demos invited.
2017 SPRC Dinner Dance.
Break open the piggy bank...
Swift snippets.

12th September: FIA/FIM European Finals results.
2016 European Champions.

10th September: Swift snippets.

7th September: Bye bye green 'Bird.
European Top Gas Series final.
2016 Finnish Bike Champions.
European Finals Perfect Awards.

6th September: Do Panic!
Friday Night Special.
Swift snippets.
Pro Peak Performance Day coverage.

5th September: Havoc heads west.
Jordan's backing from VP.
Swift snippets.
Records fall at VW Action.

4th September: European Finals racer update II.

3rd September: Nitro 2 Avgas 1.
Swift snippets.
McClurg's John Hancock here.
Ålund's fair weekend.
Web site updates.

2nd September: European Finals racer update.
Event entry update.
Three cheers for...
Swift snippets.

1st September: Thaliah's fancy dance move.
Nicholson's favourite race.
Swift snippets.
The temperature rises...
Web site updates.

31st August: Junior Fun Day coverage.
VP Racing Fuels back Lindberg.
Swift snippets.
The King returns.
Web site updates.

30th August: Leif Larsson.
2016 APIRA Champions.
APIRA Open Sport Nationals results.
Lost, found and urgently sought.

29th August: Scandinavian Internationals curtailed.

27th August: Swift snippets.
York's Bank Holiday Nostalgia fun.

26th August: Open Sport Nationals racer update III.
Event entry update.
European Top Gas Round 5 summary.
Web site updates.

25th August: Open Sport Nationals racer update II.
An important win.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

24th August: Bench Racing line-up confirmed.
Grimes lands in Sweden.
Queue here for a track record.
APIRA Championship outcomes.
Swift snippets.
Fuse for the Finals.
Open Sport Nationals Perfect Awards.
Event Coverage at the double.

23rd August: Open Sport Nationals racer update.
Nitro v Avgas.
European Finals racer VIP offer.
Records and stats updated.

22nd August: NitrOlympX results.
Tierp Racepak / MSD support.

21st August: Swift snippets.

20th August: Event entry update.

18th August: Feature: Inside the first Five.
European Finals Prizegiving Banquet.
Vegter makes his name in Russia.
Web site updates.

17th August: The beat goes on.
RV3 shall go to the ball.
Russian Championships Round 3.
HoFtalk II released.
Web site updates.
NitrOlympX coverage.
Editor's note.

16th August: Aidan Kenny's funeral.
APIRA Open Sport Nationals update.

15th August: Early success at Hockenheim.

14th August: SPRC office unmanned.
Habit at home.
Swift snippets.
RDRC Round 3.

13th August: Swift snippets.
Across the lake.

12th August: The awesome foursome.
Swift snippets.
Tributes to Aidan Kenny.

11th August: Grimes keeps Bengtsson's seat warm.
Jäger keeps Joswig's seat warm.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

10th August: Swift snippets.

9th August: Payback at the Mopars.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

8th August: Hockenheim: The work starts.
Event entry update.
Swift snippets.

7th August: Weekend of Champions entry open.
Russia's double-header underway.
Robinson goes Top Fuel.
Swift snippets.
Impressive key-borrowing.
UK Top Sportsman Review.

5th August: Event entry update.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

5th August: Event entry update.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

4th August: Racers sought for demo, display.
Priddle to attend Bench Race.
Of pistons, curry and PBs.
Withington's dynamic class change.
Swift snippets.
Allard Chrysler returns to Brighton.
Web site updates.

2nd August: Frosty's next step.
Swift snippets.

1st August: Mopar EuroNationals results.

News in
McClurg hosts BDRHoF Bench Race.
European Top Gas Round 4 review.
DFDS ferry discount continues.
Sprinting for George. the T-Shirt.
Hot-foot from Letsby Avenue.
Dragstalgia two-wheel highlights.
Promising weekend cut short.
Should you have six eyes...
Havoc's Dragstalgia.
The highlights just kept coming!
170 years on track.
Friends reunited.
On Pegasus' brief flight.
Blood on the Beach.
She who must be obeyed.
Two days in history.
Smith shocks at Dragstalgia.
Old guys rule!
Happy 75th Arthur!
British Drag Racing Hall of Fame 2016.
Rain-shortened racing.
The Fugitive breaks cover.
Fellow Travellers.
The Empire strikes back.
Dragstalgia: The Ever-Presents.
A Perfect bonus for Dragstalgia.
Russia's EDRS début.
Boot the Street Racer Champion.
Introducing the Fiat...
Message of Hope.
2016 Russian Championship kicks off.
Priddle presented again at HoF Gala.
Smax hits the beach.
Drags on a summer's day.
Ålund at Alastaro.
The HoF and half a thousand Astons.
Announcing the Spirit of 76.
Now with added Nitro!
Flamholc goes east.
Stripduster qualifies #1 at Dragstalgia.
Vegter: A lot to feel good about.
One more off PMR's bucket list.
Fifty Shades of Summernationals.
Flaming June!
Balchin's world record.
Event coverage.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.