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Jake Mechaell (8.50 Bike)
Latest news:

14th June: Remembering John Woolfe.
First of the 2020 calendars.

13th June: Kauhava: All you need to know.
Swift snippets.

12th June: Wouldn't it be Wobberly.
Tierp Internationals stats and more.

10th June: Tierp Internationals results, points.

7th June: The Hobbit retires.

6th June: Arthursson plays home fixture.
Swift snippets.
One for the team.

4th June: Making maintenance easier.
Swift snippets.
Ålund doubles up.

2nd June: Chisholm-Brown 2 for 2.
100e Challenge Round 2 report.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

1st June: Lightning strikes the Main Event.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

31st May: Ferry discounts for Kauhava.
SPRC Summernationals entry update.
FIA/FIM Main Event stats wrap-up.
Giselle's Thank You.
VWDRC Heads Up 2 coverage.

30th May: Event entry update.

29th May: Private Test Day coverage.

28th May: FIA/FIM Main Event results.

23rd May: Hall of Fame's SPR donation.

22nd May: European Top Gas Round 1 report.
Swift snippets.
Missing in action.
VP expands European logistics.

21st May: SPRC Summernationals entry update.
Johnny done Good.
Swift snippets.
Sawatzki tops run list.
Main Event Perfect Awards and more.
Web site updates.

20th May: Doorslammers results.

18th May: Swift snippets.

17th May: Post-Main Event Test Days still open.
Swift snippets.

16th May: Doorslammers notebook.
Arthursson aims for title.
Take twenty three Anglias...

15th May: Mission nearly accomplished.
Swift snippets.
Super Pro ET Challenge underway.
No Prep Nationals 4 entry open.
Nomads launch Street Racer Shootout.

14th May: Doorslammers racer update.
Heads Up: are back.

13th May: NSRA Nostalgia Nationals results.

11th May: SPRC Summernationals entry update.
FIA/FIM Main Event racer update.

10th May: Racepak trackside support update.

9th May: NSRA Nostalgia Nationals notebook.
Stats package.
JT does it his way.
VWDRC Heads-Up 1 report.
All hail No Prep.
Web site updates.

8th May: Tierp Internationals entry update.
Swift snippets.

7th May: Santa Pod message to racers and crew.
Tierp, Kauhava FIM confirmed.
Swift snippets.

6th May: Venom found in pineapples?
Supercharged Outlaws open 2019 account.
Swift snippets.

5th May: Springspeed Nationals results.
Tethys back in the hot seat.

3rd May: Flynn's campaign Accelerates.
Oh no... three of them!

2nd May: Springspeed Nationals racer update.
Kunmadaras Super Street Bike report.
Doorslammers day 1 now heads-up Q1.

1st May: Swift snippets.
Springspeed Nationals coverage.

30th April: Freddy gets Funny.
The Rat works its Magic.
No Prep returns to Lancaster.

29th April: FIM Championships commence.
Perfect ET Award resumes.
Swift snippets.

28th April: ...and a step to the right.
Swift snippets.

26th April: Event entry update.
This week, in The Dead Zone...
From sixteens to Super Gas.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

25th April: SPRC: No phone camera entries, please.

24th April: Welcome Kejja Motorsport.
Event entry update.
Super Gas Shootout update.
Swift snippets.

22nd April: Festival of Power results.

19th April: Stoneleigh does Nostalgia.

16th April: Festival of Power racer update.
Thirty Nicholson years.
Perfect Light Award continues.

14th April: VWDRC Heads-Up result.
Dahl opens 2019 account.
Adding up to a great season.
Salt with your Top Fuel.
Web site updates.

11th April: Event entry update.

10th April: FAO racers and crew: SPR pit passes.
Post-Main Event Test Days.
Ten years, still going stronger.
Street Racers return.
Not too late to go No Prep.
Magnussen's team grows to five.
JT backs the Mugridge clan.
Mead and Sprout ready for 7.0s.
Pro ET sponsorship 2019.
Swift snippets.

8th April: Event entry update.
FAO UK teams with multiple racers.
Cause and a Cure campaign to launch.
UK Super Gas update.
Swift snippets.

7th April: Pro8 for Pro Mod.

6th April: 2019 French ATD calendar.
Event entry update.
Swift snippets.
Santa Pod's new lane sponsor.

5th April: Allard picture sought.
American Super Stock returns.

3rd April: Seeing red at Warpspeed Racing.
Bike Gamblers open to all.
Swift snippets.
OCS/WBR back The Doorslammers.

2nd April: UK rules update.

1st April: Event entry update.
UK class sponsors.
Swift snippets.
Turbo Technics back The Doorslammers.

30th March: Repeat sponsorship, new ride.
Swift snippets.

29th March: UK Tech Team contact arrangements.
Toys R Us.
Sister fact.
Swift snippets.
Now calling at Nitrous Station.

28th March: Event entry update.

27th March: Swift snippets.

26th March: SFI recertification periods II.
Swift snippets.
Mugridge Sr retires from racing.

24th March: FIA release Pro Mod EFI clarification.
When grown men cry...
100e Challenge nears first round.
Swift snippets.
No Prep Series update.
Enter the Nomads.

22nd March: Racer update: SFI recertification periods.
Festival of Power entry update.
Swift snippets.

21st March: Festival of Power entry update.
Swift snippets.

19th March: Swift snippets.
A word for our sponsors.

17th March: Swift snippets.
Support your local drag strip.
Fast Fil joins Puma.

15th March: A fund for Jean.
Webster renews Doorslammers backing.

14th March: Gainesful employment.
Williams' last US date.

13th March: First Doorslammers sponsor declares.
Swift snippets.
Fuelin' Around signings at the Gators.

12th March: Jean Lane's funeral.

11th March: Enter the Rebel.
Swift snippets.

10th March: Jean Lane.
Bartlett hails new FIA contract.

8th March: Colin Hudson.
SFI bellhousing recert update.
WBR go large on Gators.
Swift snippets.

7th March: Swift snippets.

6th March: SPRC office closed.
Belt meter sought for Fuel bike.
Maja goes for full Top Fuel season.

4th March: Racer update: SFI 3.2A suits.
Swift snippets.

3rd March: Weekend reading.

1st March: SFI Tour update.

News in
UK blower, restraint rules heads-up.
UK Riders' and Drivers' Meeting report.
No Prep Series entry open.
Santa Pod refuels with VP.
Two good causes.
The boss is back.
Serck partner with Santa Pod.
Herbert and Beck for BDRHoF Gala.
Doorslammers set for Viking invasion.
Flamholc comes home.
See Serck for Lucas Oils.
No Prep Real Street, Pro Street rules.
Nicholson's thanks.
Lucas Oil continue UK support.
No Prep expands for 2019.
UK/SPRC Presentations gallery.
SPRC Perpetual Award winners.
Ferry deal for Isle of Man event.
Flynn: How you can help Bloodwise.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.