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Neil Midgley (Supertwin)
Latest news:

24th February: Slicks still sought for SPR track prep.

23rd February: Hutchinson and Dibley back Sportsman ET. Perfect Awards 2018.

22nd February: FAO UK teams with multiple racers.
Skool's Out is out.
You're gonna need a bigger block...
Swift snippets.
Micallef, Giordmaina, Borg honoured.
Web site updates.

20th February: FIM Championships registration open.

19th February: Santa Pod track work update.
Festival of Power entry update.
Hybrids join UK electric exclusion.

17th February: APIRA Trophy Night closing.

16th February: Micallef confirms title defence.
2018 French ATD calendar.
Matthew adds Gravitas.
Swift snippets.
SPR hook up with Camplify.

14th February: FAO Juniors attending NitrOlympX.
Taylor Motorsports recertification.
Swift snippets.

11th February: UK Riders' and Drivers' Meeting report.
UK blower restraints update.

10th February: Shakespeare County Raceway statement.
Rockingham opens with No Prep Nationals.
Rodman's ride.
2018 Top Doorslammer calendar.
Swift snippets.
NSRA seek help in DfT consultation.

9th February: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 6.
Swift snippets.

8th February: UK Riders' and Drivers' Meeting update.
VP Racing Fuels back Doorslammers.
Swift snippets.

6th February: Redzone Betting on Doorslammers.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

5th February: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 5.
APIRA Trophy Night update.
Close enough to go again.

4th February: 2018 European Top Gas calendar.
Year 11 of the Challenge.
Swift snippets.

2nd February: Feature: Man Cup World Finals.
Swift snippets.
APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 4.

1st February: Racers invited to StuntFest.

31st January: Malmgren takes a curve.
Swift snippets.
All welcome to the Isle.

29th January: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 3.
SPRC Presentation gallery.

28th January: SPRC Perpetual Award winners.

27th January: Brute Force and ignorance.

26th January: Lucas Oil renew Undertaker backing.
Tophaven build on Mechaell success.
Swift snippets.
APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 2.
VP launch new fuel container.

24th January: SPRC seeking beadlock wheels.
Web site updates.

22nd January: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 1.
See nitro for more PBs.
Swift snippets.

20th January: 2018 European SFI Tour dates.
SPRC Dinner Dance drinks orders.
Pro ET Challenge expands.
SPRC Perpetual Awards closing.

18th January: Important UK rule book change.
Slicks sought for SPR prep.
Straightliners take to the Isles.
Memorabilia seeks a good home.

16th January: Santa Pod announce Bike double-header.

15th January: SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 5.
2018 Kunmadaras calendar.
PDRC Nite of Champions now booking.
Web site updates.

13th January: Autosport International report.
Swift snippets.

12th January: 2018 UK Riders' and Drivers' Meeting.

11th January: APIRA Trophy Night update.
Swift snippets.

10th January: SPR/DFDS ferry discount continues.
Swift snippets.

8th January: SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 4.
Swift snippets.

7th January: Swift snippets.
Lucas Oil launches at Autosport.

6th January: Habermanns are Go for 2018.

4th January: SPRC Dinner Dance update.
Swift snippets.

2nd January: SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 3.

1st January: Gullqvist's record season.
Swift snippets.

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Lucas Oil continue Junior support.
2018 FIM Europe Seminar.
Drag Racing Unplugged XIX.
2017 Champions' Champions.
Stilwell's dream fulfilled.
A personal tribute to Bob Glidden.
More alcohol, less Havoc.
Exclusive preview of Fuelin' Around.
2018 Sand Drags calendar.
Wright returns with Sales-i.
2017 Zeon TV DVDs review.
Typhon slithers out.
York Raceway saved.
2018 FIA Championship calendar.
Mort dubs the ale.
Venom adds sponsors.
Event coverage.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
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